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Former editor in chief of an award winning publication, avid outdoorsman, love hiking, kayaking, fishing, biking, visiting state parks, published writer, avid drinker, certified bartender, beer rater and I ran a bar tending school, and blogger writing under title of the Man Can Critic 

My Tools

My new tool for measuring the size of the head. This thing goes down to 1/64 of an inch and was given to me by a colleague at work.

This is the Pampered Chef digital thermometer that I borrow from my wife and that has been through a lot from being submerged in the sink and being washed with water.

My favorite coasters.

My favorite bottle openers.

This is the link to the beer rating form that I use every time a review a beer.

Some good stuff on How to Enjoy Beer.

Looking for a brewery try Brewery Map.

Beeriodic Table I found on beermakingkits.org

Beeriodic Table