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Former editor in chief of an award winning publication, avid outdoorsman, love hiking, kayaking, fishing, biking, visiting state parks, published writer, avid drinker, certified bartender, beer rater and I ran a bar tending school, and blogger writing under title of the Man Can Critic 

Why I started this blog and continue to write it

So as I was cruising the internet today I happened on this site and decided to read it all the way through. Most of the time I just skim articles until I get board with them but this one posed a good questions why do beer bloggers blog. For me it all started out on a Monday night at weekly trivia at Dorko's. That night a fellow team member had encouraged me to write a blog and eventually I decided why not. Then the bug hit me with how much I enjoyed writing and sampling new beers. It started out with the idea of just writing once a week about a different 16 oz can from the bar I was going to and then it grew to adding recipes, health tips, stupid things that I got sick of putting in, the occasional health tip and now going to different breweries and writing about them. I think the real reason I love it so much is because it keeps my mind sharp always looking for what I can do different and also getting to watch the number of visitors to my blog. I enjoy seeing those numbers going up and   down and knowing that hopefully I am encouraging others to go out and try new beers and go visit some breweries when they are in the area.

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