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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saranac Brewery Single Malt Ale

Last night I had a Single Malt Ale from the Saranac Brewery. Now you may be wondering what is a single malt? Well in this case its just a name. Saranac is using it to refer to that it is as unique as a single malt whiskey and it is definitely a very unique beer at least for me it was. Out of the fridge the temperature came in at 47.5 degrees with an average head at 1 27/32" in a pint glass. The head appearance was a rocky off white that quickly dissipated and left some excellent head lacing. I could see no visible carbonation in this normal clarity beer that had an amber color. The aroma was that of dough with a taste that I can only compare with close to sherry. The flavor started out light and grew in intensity rather quickly and the finish lingered nicely. The beer left a watery feel in my mouth and hit my tongue in the middle. After finish the glass had some good lacing left on it and as I sat back and pondered my review I realized that I really enjoyed this beer. It was something different in flavor that I seemed to connect with and if the opportunity arises I will definitely have another. Now sadly this beer was from Saranac's spring offering and now they have moved onto summer so if you want one you'll have to hope that they bring it back next spring. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

Information from Saranac website

Single Malt

Brewers Notes:

We use 100% Scottish Maris Otter Malt. Traditionally used in the distilling industry. The combination of the Scottish Malt and slow aging process produces a unique brew as distinctive as single malt whiskey with a flavor than any other beer.

Beer Style: English Style Brown Ale 
Malt Selections: Custom Malted Maris Otter 
Hop Selections: English Fuggles 
Color: Amber 
Mouthfeel / Body: Medium 
Food Companions: Venison, Green Salad 
Alcohol By Volume: 5.5% 
Original Gravity: 13.0 
Availability: Seasonal 


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