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Monday, October 8, 2012

Last trip to Lancaster and new beer stuff

I'm been mulling over what I am doing with this blog anymore and I have been super lazy with posting so I am trying to find a way to motivate myself into writing more again. So now I am just going to mix it up and anytime I do anything that has to do with beer I am going to write about it. I recently got a Periodic Table of beer from Amazon that is really cool. I also made a trip to Lancaster to volunteer for the 200 mile Ragnar race and figured it was a good time to do a couple of beer related things. On the way down I happened upon Sam's Man Cave which sells a bunch of glassware, steins, neon signs and beer related items. The owner was super cool and great to talk to. I only got some coasters but ended up talking to him for about 15 minutes about beer and found out about this huge bottle shop in Willmington, De that I am itching to go to. On the way home I stopped off at Iron Hill to pick up two growlers. I got a Belgium Tripple and their Oktoberfest. I finished off most of the Tripple already and it is fantastic. The guy at the bar highly recommended it. I also came across these stainless steel growlers on twitter that I am really interested in trying out. I sent them an email so hopefully I'll find out some more information to write about them. I also recently found out that Weis in Pottsville has opened up their bottle shop and from what I hear has a decent selection and prices that aren't bad. You can make your own six pack for $12. Well that's all for now. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.


  1. Thoughts on dogfish head? completely unrelated i know...

  2. I haven't had any in a long time but I just picked up one today. I'll write a review once I have an other. They are a huge brewer that make slightly off centered beers. Definitely try anything they make if you like off centered beers. Cheers.

  3. Hey there. I found you via beer bloggers unite. I am guessing you are from or near the Delaware Valley. I have just started a group and blog for Delaware Valley Beer bloggers to network, help and promote each other's blog. The blog is up and running so come on by and sign up.