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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3/13 The Beer Stop Hazleton, PA

Today I made a trip to Hazleton, PA to stop at The Beer Stop. If you were not specifically going to Hazleton to go here you would probably never find it. It jut has a little sign on the outside and it is on one of the main roads in Hazleton. However, It is definitely worth making the trip to. I first heard about this place from one of my coworker and another one of my coworkers said how good it was. You can read the reviews about this place on Beer Advocate and Rate Beer. I listed everything I bought there and the prices they were. They had a fantastic selection and really reasonable prices. Besides singles they also had six packs, growler fills and some beer glasses for sale. Once you walk in you are greeted by a huge selection of bottles on your right. Directly in front of you and to the left are six packs and on the left once you come in the door there is a growler fill station. They also have another room off to the left side with more beer in it. When I went in there wasn't anyone working in the part of the store that had all the beer. So when I was ready to check out I just ring a bell. They have some information cards by some of the beers too. Overall they have a fantastic selection and great prices, but it would be nice if they had someone in the beer section when I came in. I will say though that their hours of operation are fantastic. I got there at 9:30 am and found out that they were open since 7:00 am and this is on a Tuesday. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

The Beer Stop
16 North Broad St.
West Hazleton, PA 18202
Open from 7am-midnight

Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orance IPA $2.20
Ithaca Country Pumpkin $2.20
Vermont's Own Wolaver's Pumpkin Ale $2.10
Otter Creek Oktoberfest $2.00
Shipyard Pumpkinhead $2.20
South Hampton Publick House Pumpkin Ale $2.00
New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale $2.40
Post Road Pumpkin Ale $2.20
Blue Point Pumpkin Ale $2.20
Captain Pumpkin's Maple Mistress Imperial Pumpkin Ale $2.70

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