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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Iron Hill Lancaster, and Stoudt's

Over the past two weeks I have been traveling to Lancaster for functions and day trips. So why I was there I figured I could hit all aspects of beer down there. About a week ago I went to Mr. Steve's to pick up some supplies for making beer. I got a Party Pig, a growler, some sugar and cleaner. All in all not a bad place for supplies the prices were some what reasonable and the staff some what knowledgeable. The clerk said the one in York was much bigger so next time I will hit the York store so I can give Mr. Steve's a more accurate review. As for now I will make do with what I have. The other day I did a world wind tour and stopped at the Fridge in Lancaster. This place has a great selection of singles. They have stuff that you can't find in your local bars and distributors along with some more common stuff. They also have artisan pizza and some art for sale. They just had their year anniversary so congratulations to them. Average prices on their bottles especially for being singles and above average prices on their growlers but definitely a place I would go again. Its a little on the small side compared to what I had in my head but still worth the trip. After that I hit Iron Hill in Lancaster. This place had great prices on growlers and growler refills. So much so I asked twice just to make sure. So if you need a growler stop by this place. Also I sampled three beers to decide what to get in my growlers. Everyone of them was fantastic but I ended up going with their Raspberry wheat and the Grisette. My brother always liked going to this place and I can definitely see why. The place is nice and clean and modern looking. Tons of light and the servers are friendly and fairly knowledgeable. I will definitely make it down to Iron Hill again. The last place I stopped at was Stoudt's. They are celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary this year. The brewery is located in Adamstown and wasn't hard to find. This place was a little on the dark side. The equipment looked a little dated but they did have some interesting decorations. The one room was filled with steins and empty bottles from both Stoudt's and other breweries. They had a nice selection of shirts, glassware, and other brewery related items. I got a growler filled the Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout which was very good, a six pack of some Stoudt's beers and why I was there I had their Double Mai Bock. Overall Stoudt's has some really great beers and some interesting antiques but the service was only so so. If I end up in the area I would probably stop by again.

Some pictures I took while I was at Stoudt's Brewery

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