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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beach Haus East Coast Beer Company 7/22/14

Monday I stopped by Weis in Pottsville and picked up a mixed six pack that included two beers from East Coast Beer Company out of New Jersey. I chose Beach Haus and Cruiser IPA. Me and my wife tried both of them but since I drank most of Beach Haus and just a little of the other one I reviewed. This beer had a large head that dissipated pretty quickly. It has a little bit of a bite to it. I had this beer in a pilsner glass. The lacing was beautiful and a pine aroma. The initial temperature was 60.4 which was a little warm for my taste but it still delivered an easy drink ability. The tongue hit was towards the back with a lively carbonation and a straw color. The head was white and fizzy with a clear body clarity. The flavor was light with an average finish length and a watery mouth feel. The body lacing was excellent and overall it was a decent beer just nothing especially fantastic about it. I would drink it again but at a colder temperature next time. I think it is a good summer beer and session beer. I really like the art work and names of the beers from East Coast and its nice to see a beer from New Jersey in the store. I think this was my first beer from New Jersey too.

Recommended Glassware: Pilsner

Information from Beer Advocate
5.3% ABV

I burned the companies logo into a piece of wood I had lying around I think it looks pretty cool.

Better Picture of logo and glazed my creation.

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