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Monday, July 21, 2014

Looking for New Ideas

Over the last year I have been really bad at putting out new posts. After I well deserved vacation I am now ready and energized to start writing again. I am going to start out slow. Hopefully one review a week. If anyone has something they want me to try and review let me know otherwise I will pick something out of my fridge or at a local store and try and find out as much information I can to write an interesting article. If you need information found or you have information you want to get out let me know and I'll do my best to either find that information or get it out to the public. Hope to see you back reading and hoping to interact with more of you. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly. Oh by the way I have been writing up swim workouts for a friend of mine so I'll post them on here too.

My friend is on vacation this week so its going to be a small pool/ beach workout.

Pool workout

20 lap warm up

4 lap x 10 :15 rest 60-70% effort

10 laps counting strokes try and do less strokes each lap

4 lap x 10 :30 rest all out

10 laps counting strokes try and do less strokes each lap

20 lap cool down

Beach workout

Warm up swim with current down the beach counting in your head to 100

get out of water walk back down beach 

10 x swim with current :30 swim back :60

get out of water return to starting point

Cool down swim with current count to 100 in head 

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