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Friday, February 3, 2012

2/2/12 Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale

So last night after a lot of hard work cleaning, grocery shopping, and taking care of the kids I decided I need a really great beer. So I decided to partake in another enjoyable Harpoon beer and I went with their Belgian Pale Ale. The temperature was an icy 30.9 degrees with an average 2 1/2" head and a foamy off-white appearance. The head dissipated slowly and the head lacing was excellent. The carbonation was lively with a gold color and a normal clarity. The aroma was a mixture of barely and citrus and the taste had a light spice taste.The flavor was moderate with an average finish length and a dry mouth feel. The tongue hit was towards the middle and the body lacing was excellent. Overall I would rate it an A. I really loved the hints of spice and how complex this beer was. Thanks for reading and as always please drink responsibly.

Harpoon IPA - Our Flagship
Style:Belgian Pale Ale
History:brewed since 2010
Orig. Gravity:15.4 P
20 EBC

fruity or tart cheeses, red meat, pickles 


Belgian Pales consume the Belgian brewing scene, and were initially brewed around World War II to compete with Pilsners. They are traditionally less bitter than regular Pale Ales. They have a color range from pale yellow straw to amber hues. Flavors can vary although most have a natural spice flavor coming from yeast and hops. A recent trend for this style has been a hoppier version, popular in the United States.
We first brewed a Belgian Pale Ale for a Belgian beer festival in Boston several years ago. We have been working on variations ever since. We are proud to unveil this beer to all our fans.

Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale is a fusion of Belgian and American brewing styles.      


The traditional Belgian yeast used for fermentation produces fruity, slightly spicy aromatics. A blend of Pale, Caramel, and Munich malts creates a golden amber hue with malty, sweet notes up front.  A generous addition of Amarillo hops delivers a floral, citrusy hop character throughout and Apollo hops lend a hint of bitterness to the finish.    

Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale has the spicy yeast characteristics of traditional Belgian beers along with an exceptional hop aroma and flavor.   


Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale

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