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Friday, February 24, 2012

2/22/12 McSorley's Irish Black Lager

So last night after another exhausting day of work I decided I needed something to help me relax and keep me in the spirit of reviewing. I had two new beers in my fridge so I figured I would have one last night and one today. I love dark beers so I decided to have a McSorley's Irish Black Lager. The beer came in at a nice temperature of 40.7 degrees with a huge head at 5" that had the erupting look to it at the head dissipated slowly. The head lacing was excellent and had a frothy medium dark appearance. The carbonation was lively and the body clarity was dark and black with a reddish tinge when you held it up to the light. It had a smooth toasted dark chocolate taste that I've found in a lot of black lagers which makes the style very enjoyable. The flavor was moderate with a long finish length and a creamy mouth feel with a back tongue hit. The body lacing was excellent and overall I'd rate it at an A-. It was a really great beer and a great representation of the style. Hope you enjoyed reading this and as always drink responsibly.