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Sunday, April 22, 2012

4/22/12 Uncle Cones Bar in Minersville, PA

So last night I was coming home from work and as I pulled up to my house and a former colleague of mine was getting out of his car. He asked me if I wanted to go get a beer and as typically the answer when somebody asks me this questions I said sure just let me tell my wife where I'm going. So we went by my favorite bar for hanging out with friends, Uncle Cones in Minersville, PA. Here is why its my favorite bar for hanging out with friends. It isn't usually super crowded but has a decent amount of people in it. You can go there and be able to talk to the people your with fairly easily. They have a decent amount of different things to do. You can shoot pool, play darts and they have Buck Hunter there too. Every so often they have a band but in my old age I don't go to see bands much if ever any more. Last night I had two beers I haven't reviewed yet but I didn't have  my rating sheets. So because of this I'll just give you a brief synopsis. I had an Original Honey Brown Lager which was pretty good. I'd probably rate it around a B+ to A-. It had nice hints of honey sweetness, an average finish, and a light flavor. The other beer I had was Bud Light Lime. The was also surprisingly good. I would actually put it at an A- for what it is. It basically reminds me of a Corona without having to put the lime in it. It had a very strong Lime flavor to it and a light flavor with an average finish length to it. I believe that everyone should have a bar like Uncle Cones in the bar repertoire. A bar that is close to your house that is just great to go to with friends. Overall it was another great night out at the bar and overall I would rate Uncle Cones as a superbly awesome place to go and have a beer and some good times.
Update 9/24/13: As of this date Uncle Cones is Currently closed

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