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Friday, April 6, 2012

Marley's Brewery and Grill Bllomsburg, PA and Guard Dog Porter

So today me and my wife headed up to Bloomsburg to go out for lunch at Marley's Brewery and Grill. It is a real nice little brew pub that has been in Bloomsburg for about 2 years. They have a nice easy going atmosphere coupled with a knowledgeable staff and some out of this world beers. I had the Guard Dog Porter and she had the Runt Raspberry Wheat and we had a sample of the Chocolate Stout. I had a little bit of all three and so did she. It is very unusual that the two of us have the same opinion on three different beers so it really speaks to how special this place is. I had the veggie delight which was fantastic and went well with my beer and she had the buffalo chicken wrap which she enjoyed too. The had some information about the brewing process on the walls and the also have a small amount of merchandise around to purchase too. As for my beer review the temperature came in at 42.9 degrees with an average head for a draft at about 1/2" with a fizzy medium brown appearance. The head lacing was excellent and the head dissipated quickly with no visible carbonation through the dark clarity and pitch black color. The taste an aroma were espresso with a moderate flavor that was easy to sit back and relax with. The finish length was average and the mouth feel was dry with a middle tongue hit. The head lacing was excellent and overall this was a really good beer. Now I am partial to dark beer and really love each and every one so I am a little biased but I am still giving this one an A pretty much like I give all dark beers. Overall I give Marley's and their beer two thumbs up and definitely a place I am planning on going to again. On a side note when we were up in Bloomsburg we stopped off at Bloom Naturally. This place is absolutely fantastic compared to any other whole food store I have been in the area. The prices are great and they have a great selection of bulk goods, vegan stuff, vegetarian stuff, organic stuff and other just really great stuff and it is another reason me and my wife will probably being making a monthly trip to Marley's and to Bloom Naturally. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

Information from Marley's Website

Guard Dog Porter
This full bodied dark Ale, is filled with flavor from Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley. Nugget hops provide nice bitterness and flavor, with Fuggle hops providing a balanced earthy aroma. Great beer for the dark beer lovers in all of us.
OG-14.5 FG-4.0 IBUs-30 ABV-5.6%

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