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Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/12 Otto's Double D

So a couple of days ago one of my colleagues brought me some beers from when he went to Otto's in State College, PA. So the other night when I was sitting down to eat my chipotle black bean burger I decided to have the Otto's Double D IPA. Now as everyone who reads my reviews regularly knows that I am not a huge fan of IPAs so take my ending comments with a grain of salt. The temperature was 40.5 degrees with a small head at 1 11/64" and a rocky off white head appearance. The head lacing was excellent and a head the dissipated quickly with soft carbonation. The clarity and color were sparkling and gold respectively. The taste and aroma were a mixture of citrus, floral and an earthy taste. The finish length was long with a dry mouth feel and back tongue hit. The body lacing was excellent and overall not bad for being an IPA but I still have not been converted to the IPA band wagon and think I will always be hard pressed to find one that makes me say that I want another one. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

Information from Otto's website

Double D IPA

Otto's Double D IPA Label

Big Imperial . Packed with Centennial, Columbus, Palisade, and Cascade hops. Makes the tongue tingle and body warm and fuzzy inside.
ABV 9.2%  •  Available in 12 oz six packs, 22 oz , cases and kegs!

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