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Friday, June 1, 2012

6/1/12 Troegs Kolsch

Yesterday was a very fun filled day where Me and my wife headed down to Hollywood Casino and then went to Troeg's to pick up some new beers and try their new scratch beer Troeg's Scratch #65 Kolsch. I had this beer in a strange and it was fantastic. Just a good beer for summer. Easy drinking and a good taste that both me and my wife really enjoyed. Sadly they didn't bottle this beer and we didn't think about getting a growler of it until after we left. If you have a chance to get down to Troeg's in the near future I definitely recommend getting down there to try this delicious beer. It had a nice 2" head that was off white and foamy. The head dissipated slowly and had just a clean crisp taste. The snack bar also just opened up there and I seen a tour going by when we were there. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

Scratch #65 released
SCRATCH #65-2012 – Kolsch RELEASE DATE: 5/25/12
Brewed as his wedding beer by Jeff “Moose” Musselman, Scratch #65 is designed for maxxin’ and relaxin’. Starting with an all-organic grain bill, this Kolsch is light pale in color and unfiltered to retain yeast notes. The malt gives a full body and mouth feel with complementary fruity flavors coming from the Kolsch yeast and Amarillo hops.
At 4.8% ABV and 34 IBU, Scratch #65 is best enjoyed on a sunny day relaxing under a big shade tree. Congrats to Moose and Andrea!
Pils, Wheat, Vienna, Carahell Comprised of an all organic grain bill, the Vienna malt provides full body while the wheat and carahell malts give a full mouth feel.
BOIL – Magnum, Vanguard, Amarillo Amarillo hops emanate fruity flavors that complement the Kolsch yeast.
Kolsch is a lager yeast fermented at slightly warmer temperatures to release subtle fruity flavors.

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