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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/13/12 Woodchuck Cider Crisp (Gluten Free)

I want to start out by saying that I feel like crap. With all my healthy eating and exercise my allergies have brought on a sinus infection that is doing a number on me and whats worse is I just restocked and have a good group of beers to try. I was over at Brewer's Outlet in Pottsville yesterday and picked up some hard ciders to sample along with a variety pack from Lancaster Brewing Company. This is an example of a gluten free beer that I never realized was gluten free until I read the label. I was up at Dorko's on Monday for team trivia after a short sabbatical and we dominated having the lead for the entire game which is also good because I have now finished off every beer that they carry. Because we won they will be bringing in some Lord Chesterfield from Yuengling which I haven't reviewed yet and haven't had in a while. Last night because I wasn't feeling at my peak I decided to go with a beer with a lighter flavor and a lower ABV in the hopes that my sickness would not get any worse. I also hadn't had a Woodchuck since my late college years and the period shortly after when I was on my hard cider kick. So last night I had a Woodchuck Hard Cider Crisp. The temperature was good at 42.3 degrees and it had a small head at 1" with a fizzy off white appearance. The head dissipated quickly and it had a soft carbonation. The clarity was sparkling with a straw color and an apple aroma and taste. The flavor was light with a short finish length and a dry mouth feel. The tongue hit was towards the back and the body lacing was fair. Overall I rated it a B+ it had a good easy to drink flavor that was crisp and didn't have a huge alcohol content so its good when your already not feeling up to par. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

With being sick I don't have a recipe for the day so I do apologize hopefully tomorrow when I'm off I will be feeling better and I can experiment with a new dish.

As for my fitness tip for the day is that yoga is a great way to help you to feel great and energize you in the morning I have been doing it off and on for a year or more now and every time I stop for a while my mood changes and when I go back to I feel better. I recommend starting off easy. I do just a couple of poses a day tree, warrior, cobra, downward dog and a couple of other stretches. Check out youtube.com for some great simple workouts.

Information from myfitnesspal.com

Nutrition Facts

Woodchuck Hard Cider - Crisp - Woodchuck Hard Cider - Crisp

Calories120Sodium5 mg
Total Fat0 gPotassium0 mg
Saturated0 gTotal Carbs10 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber0 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars9 g
Trans0 gProtein0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Vitamin A0%Calcium0%
Vitamin C0%Iron0%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Information from woodchuck website

Crisp and refreshing because they're made from apples, never woodchucks.

  • Crisp
    A session cider that's cool, refreshing and crafted to be delicate in body and perfected with a delicious crisp apple taste.
    Available In These Types

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