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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Troegs Brewery - Fun, Food, Drinks and a Tour

So yesterday was a busy day and I had been planning on going to Hershey to try out the Troegs Brewery that my colleague from work had been raving about. So we got there around 11am when they were just opening up so the place only had a small crowd which worked out well for me. Me and my wife hit the self guided tour and took a bunch of photos and read all the information on the plaques. The plaques had some good information and it was interesting to see all the equipment and to get a look inside their microbiology lab which was really enjoyable for my biology major wife. They also had some cool art all around the place which was really something I had not expected. After we finished our self guided tour we hit the tasting room and had a sample of the Scratch 60. Then I had a pint which was actually closer to 20oz which was nice. I later found out some added information from our New Zealand bartender as to why the 20 oz. glass. She said the owners wanted the beer to have a head on it so it was actually closer to 19 oz. This was really refreshing considering almost every bartender I have ever had is always trying to eliminate as much head as possible which from my knowledge is the wrong thing to do. You should strive for a little head to really bring out the flavor and aroma in the beer. I also had a veggie sandwich with some goat cheese that was made with all local ingredients which was really nice. The bartender also gave me a bunch of other great breweries to hit in the upcoming weeks and months. After we finished hitting the tasting room we made our way to the gift shop to pick up a 6 pack of a couple different Troegs beers. I ended up getting 2 Nugget Nectars, 2 Java Heads, a Scratch 60, and  a Pale Ale. On my quick look through the gift shop with being pressed for time one cool thing caught my wife's eye, it was the beer soap. Soap made from flat Troegs beer. This was probably the most interesting thing I have ever seen made out of beer. Right before I started writing this post I found out that Troegs will start doing tasting tours so looks like I will be heading back there at some time experience the new tour. I think that this brewery is an excellent visit for adults looking for some good food, good beer, and some great information about great beers. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

Information from Troegs about Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours

Self-Guided Brewery Tours

Monday - Wednesday: 11am - 7pm
Thursday -Saturday: 11am - 8pm
Cost: Free

For visitors on a limited schedule or for families with young visitors, the Self-Guided Brewery tour provides a full facility tour at a pace that meets your needs! Grab a glass of beer in the Tasting Room and take a stroll through our glass-lined tour path.  There's ample information to explain the brewing process and the open floor plan allow visitors to take everything in at any pace.  You'll get an up close look at our 'Scratch Beer' brewhouse, fermentation/filtration hall, quality lab, kegging and bottling lines and our barrel aging room. Tasting Room and General Store staff are glad to answer your questions, or if you run into a brewer or production line worker you can always ask them for process details.

Tasting Tour

Tuesday - Thursday: 2:30 & 4:00pm
Friday - Saturday: 1:00, 2:30 & 4pm
Cost: $5 includes beer samples and take home souvenir glass 
Our calendar and online reservation system is still underconstruction. In the meantime please email tours@troegs.com to begin your reservation process. Please add TOUR RESERVATION REQUEST in the subject line.
The Tasting Tour gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at a working production brewery. A small tour group will see the entire production process and taste and smell the building blocks of beer from raw ingredients through fermenting beer to fresh beer from our packaging line.
The Tasting Tour is $5 and includes beer samples and a take home souvenir glass. Tasting Tour reservations are highly recommended and are limited to 10 people per tour.
For the safety of our guests, visitors must be:
·         21 years of age or older with a government issued ID or passport.
·         Wearing closed-toed, flat shoes. (“Guest” footwear will be made available.)
·         Able to climb steps and navigate tights spaces.
Guests should be aware of potential hazards including water, steam, wet surfaces, potential trip areas and chemical storage areas. Visitors must stay with the tour guide and take extreme care when walking through the brewery. Safety glasses will be provided to all visitors and ear plugs are available.

Special Tour and Corporate Events

Special request tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.  Troegs does not have a full kitchen on site but you may use a professional caterer of your choice, provided that they are approved, in advance, by Troegs.  Catering staff must remain onsite until the last guest departs, and must return the space to ‘broom-clean’ condition. 
For private tour rates and more information please contact ‘name’ with questions or concerns.
Jon Kaufman
Special Events Coordinator
Troegs Brewing Company
Phone: 717 534-1297


  1. I just read your review and saw that you mentioned my beer soap! I've been making all of the Troegs beer soap since they opened and now have DreamWeaver Soap, Troegenator Soap, JavaHead Soap and HopBack Beer Shampoo Bars as regular items. I also make Nugget Nectar Soap, Sunshine Pils Soap and Mad Elf Soap when those seasonal beers are released. I also made a Flying Mouflan Shaving Soap that comes right in the mug and with a great shaving brush, making it a perfect gift. My Perpetual IPA Soap will be in the store in about 2 weeks. All of the soaps are gentle and will not dry out skin like traditional bars of soap. Give it a try! Thanks for mentioning my soap!!!

  2. Its been a couple of months since my last visit. So I'm eagerly anticipating my next trip and thanks for all the information.