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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20/12 My visit to The Yuengling Brewery Tour

So today I went to rate the Yuengling Brewery for my first brewery tour that I am going to write about. I am going to try and write about a different brewery every week. This tour was actually pretty small in size only having three people including myself but this is not always the case and some times the tours can number close to 50. My tour guide was Vicky who seemed very knowledgeable about Yuengling considering that I did hit her with a number of different questions. The tour started out in the gift shop and then headed to the bar where the employees use to be able to drink at. It then heads to the area where the beer is brewed and then to where it is bottled. You then go down to the caves where the beer was kept before there was refrigeration and finally you head back to the bar for a sampling or a soda. The tours runs around an hour and gives you some great information about Yuengling. It also has some cool facts and sights that I would even say that younger kids would like. I learned the answers to some of the questions me and my teammates from the RZA had discussed the night before. We had wondered if any one had ever put a glove on the bottles like in Lavern and Shirley and the answer was no which was disappointing but expected. I also learned that Yuengling can't be sold where they don't have a license to do so and the reason that Yuengling has recycling information for states they don't sell in is because they use to sell in these states and the labels are probably just left over ones. I also learned that the reason that Yuengling doesn't sell its beers to the public is because they don't want to take any business away from bars and distributors. They also have no current plans on expanding their line up of beers. At the end of the tour I chose to have a black and tan which is a mixture of 60% Yuengling Porter and 40% Premium and a Porter. I did do a review on the Porter but not the Black and Tan because I didn't have two sheets. The tour for Yuengling Brewery was excellent and I would definitely recommend that everyone go on this tour. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

Health tip of the Day
The other stretch I try and do daily is where I stand up against a wall with my feet, back and head touching the wall. I hold out my arms and have my hands flat with my thumbs sticking out and touching. Then I slowly raise them above my head and down. I do this three times to help keep down some of my back pain.

Here are all of the pictures I took on the tour.

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