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Saturday, January 14, 2012

1/13/12 Victory Old Horizontal

So last night I decided to try one of the recent beers I got from a colleague who likes for me to try horrible stuff and expired stuff so I decided to go with the horrible last night and had Victory Old Horizontal. Now my brother talks very highly of Victory and has gone there a bunch of times. So I still haven't ruled out trying more offerings from them and I have also heard good things about them from others. The temperature was 41.8 degrees and the head huge at 4" with a fizzy medium brown appearance. The head lacing was excellent and the head dissipated extremely slowly. The carbonation was little with a normal clarity and an amber color to the body. The aroma was a mix of citrus and barley with an all spice taste. The initial flavor was light for a second and then hit you with a harsh after taste. I let my wife try it and she was said oh this is good and then just as she was finishing her statement she went oh when the after taste hit her. The finish is long with a creamy mouth feel and a back tongue hit. The body lacing is excellent and this beer will knock you out. After having one I was catching a decent buzz and had heard the same from others who had tried it. Overall I gave it a C- and I really struggled with not going lower than that but I like a strong beer when I went to get to sleep faster and it certainly answered that call last night and I had an excellent nights sleep and feel fantastic today. So for that I thank Victory for making this beer I just wish it had a better after taste. Thanks for reading and as always please drink responsibly.

Information from Victory Brewing website

Old Horizontal® is a luxurious, warming barleywine rich with aromatic hops and dark, candied fruit character that hides its epic strength masterfully.


Malts:Imported 2 row
Hops:American whole flowers
by volume:


Draft and bottles, December through January

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