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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/11/11 The Miller High Life Pounder

So its about 8:15PM on a Monday which can mean only one thing. Its time for team trivia at Dorko's. This night sported a fairly decent sized crowd and the lacking of our usual moderator Larry. Filling in for Larry on this night was Bob, the owner of  Dorko's. The questions seemed a little easier that usual but that didn't stop the RZA from falling slightly short with their lack of knowledge of how badly the American economy is failing. In a team filled with optimist who care not for the happenings of the world outside of trivia economic states do not concern us. So in the end in turned out to be another second place finish for the team that is loved by all and chanted about using four letter words. So using my new technology I was able to make a more proper gauge of the beer of the night for this week. After much personal debate I chose to rate Miller High Life made by the Miller Brewing Company. The champagne of beer started at a balmy 36 degrees Fahrenheitand poured with a nice 1 and 1/2 inch head when poured at a 45 degree angle. The head was frothy and white in appearance and dissipated quickly over the straw colored sparkling liquid. It had a soft carbonation and a grainy leathery resin like taste and aroma. Surprisingly the alcohol content was 4.7% which at first I joked and said that I would think it would take a year to get drunk on this stuff. However, it did not take a year and by the ride home it took all my power not to have a revisit from the half dozen wings that I had consumed earlier. Now granted my drinking abilities are very lack luster compared to my younger days and I did not heed my own advice of drinking responsibly, but I would not think four pounders to put me in such a state. Overall the light flavor and overall drink ability were okay and made me want to buy the beer again. The lack of the wow factor however made me keep this beer in the realm of the Busch pounder coming in with another B+. The night was a good one and the added advertisement of the blog made it even better and hopefully its inspiring others to write, drink and find a little extra happiness. In all my excitement shopping for tools yesterday I did forget to buy one thing on my list, hanes comfort tees. I feel this was the true reason for our loss last night as greatness can only be achieved while wearing hanes products. So as always thanks for reading and drink responsibly.

The start of the night a chilled pilsner and an ice cold Miller High Life.

A balmy 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Good color and too good not to drink.

I wanted to take this picture before I ate the wings but they failed to last that long.

The signs of an extremely clean glass are when the head clings to the sides of the glass and yes my dishes are very clean.


  1. The pics are a nice touch. You should try and do Micobrews since a lot of people probably already rate the main stream beers.

  2. I was trying to stick to pounders and man cans that this bar serves. Also most of these beers are on the lower end of beers and I use the rating scales that they use on more premium beers.