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Friday, October 21, 2011

So I might start doing videos

Now that I have a modest amount of people coming to the blog every day I have been trying to think up new ideas and things to create some excitement. I have been working on a T-shirt design which I might unveil if there is enough interest in it or I might just make a couple for my most loyal fans, who knows. I have also had some request to do a video version too and I have decided that once the counter hits 1000 I will do a separate video blog with some different commentary and what not. It will be very low budget as in I have no video skills whatsoever, and it will be mainly me eating, drinking and talking which could be funny or not we will see. As for the theme song I have yet to get any auditions from any of the people who said they were going to tell friends but that takes time just like waiting for responses from Hanes, Ellen and Brewing Companies take time. I emailed Hanes again here is what I said this time
My underwear blog is really taking off and its main purpose is to get a single pair of Hanes underwear for free. It would be cool if you sent a pair but if not at least check out the blog and tell me what you think. http://pounderoftheweek.blogspot.com/
Hopefully telling them that it is an underwear blog will help out the cause but we will have to see. I joined Beer Bloggers UnIite and I joined Beer Advocate. I decided that I will be doing my first taping of Pounder of the Week on monday at Dorko's Cafe in Mount Carmel, PA. I will probably put it up when I have 1000 hits but I might do it sooner we will see depending how well it goes.

My one friend found a way cheaper place to get custom t shirts so if there is enough interest I'll order them and just base the cost on how many people want them. Email me at pounderoftheweek@gmail.com if your interested.


  1. i was glad to find out this wasnt a gay porn site!!!! LOL let me know price of shirts I'll take two!!! also find out about collared shirts so we can wear them at work!!!! LOL

  2. No problem they will probably be around $10 if I get 26 or more.