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Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20/11 Rolling Rock in a Bottle

I have been trying to contact Miller and have been having some trouble I got an email back saying to call them and now I'm waiting to hear back from their media division. Who knew just trying to get some information would be so difficult. Any who, in an effort to have an excuse to drink more and when I don't get to go to trivia I'm going to try reviewing different non pounder beers and other alcohol from time to time. I had a request yesterday to possibly judge a boilo completion which I'm waiting to find out about. Tuesday night around 6:30pm I walked over to Uncle Cones Bar in Minersville to see what I could get to sample for this week. I saw a six pack of Rolling Rock for $7.00 and just looking at the bottle brought me back to younger days of sampling multiple types of beer. It also had me reminiscing of the last time I had a Rolling Rock. It was at the Rolling Rock Town Fair that was held at Heinz Field that year. It was a glorious excursion one in which I saw a sight that got me thinking. I saw a man peeing on the field because he either couldn't or didn't want to make it to the bathroom. The sight had me thinking wow how many times in your life are you going to get a chance to be standing on Heinz Field and second how many times are you going to get to pee on it. But alas I dared not to take the chance of exposing myself and being ejected from such a great concert. Well, back to the beer. Rolling Rock Extra Pale is brewed by the Latrobe Brewing Company part of Anheuser-Busch and comes in that distinct bottle that has so much folklore surrounding it, but that is another story. So as I poured my 12oz bottled beer into my Yuengling Larger pilsner glass I cased my eyes on that beautiful gold colored wheat odored goddess Rolling Rock. It had a huge close to 3 inch head that was nice, off white and fizzy. The digital thermometer from Pampered Chef read 29.1 degrees right after I snapped the picture and I could see ice flowing to the bottom so I new I was in for a treat. The beer landed right on the middle of my tongue and had what I would consider a somewhat citrus taste to it.  It had a sweet flavor that was very drinkable. I paired my beer with some vegetarian fare, a black bean burger with provolone, spinach, ranch and some french fries. I had expelled some gas from my mouth and get a gentle after taste from the beer that had made its way to my stomach by now. My mouth had a nice watery feeling when the beer heat my mouth and it was very filling with the meal. Rolling Rock has a nice balance, is definitely memorable, a certain wow factor and I definitely would buy again. It was a great value and I would rate it a A- compared to the other beers I have been reviewing. That's my review for the week thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

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