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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I have done lately with Hanes and other happenings

So I forgot to say that I was wearing a Hanes tag less comfort t shirt to trivia on Monday and it was fantastic just like everything else Hanes makes. I wrote Hanes again this week and I was going to post what I wrote but I accidentally copied Hanes' website and lost the email. I am once again hugely disappointed in my haste to do things. Hopefully I will learn. I also forgot to take a picture in my Hanes T. Also I have 7 t shirts requested so after 9 more I will put in the order. I am also once again trying to branch out. I have contacted a local distributor about sampling beers and reviewing them and I am debating reviewing a different bar each week in Schuylkill county. I'll put a poll up on the side to see what people think. I figure I'll branch out into every possible spectrum of alcohol I can. I will be at Dorko's Cafe this coming Monday for Halloween Trivia it starts at roughly 8:15PM. Anyone who comes and wants to get in some pictures with the Man Can Critic stop by the RZA's table and I'll post them to the blog. Also don't forget that every time you come to trivia on a Monday gets you a chance to play for the $500 prize they are doing in December. I'm looking forward to a huge crowd and getting to see some Man Can Critic followers. I stopped in at Brewer's Outlet in Pottsville today. I picked up a 12 bottles of winter Saranac Sampler and at $27.29+tax it was very reasonably priced. It has been a long time since I had been at Brewer's and let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. Brewer's has a huge selection, reasonable prices, and information about the beers on little cards with their prices. I will be doing a marathon of reviewing on the sampler over the next week so look forward to a ton of new posts. Thank for reading and drink responsibly.


  1. im so bummed i missed the vid!!! e-mail it to me if you still have it.... i need a good laugh.

  2. Next time you should check sooner. I saw that someone viewed it and I figured it was you. I'll bring it to work for you to see. Its also national beer day so make sure you have a beer I know I did.