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Monday, October 17, 2011

Update on everything going on 10/17

On a positive not, we finally hit 100 visitors. On a sad note, tonight I will be unable to attend Dorko's because of having to work early tomorrow. So filling in for me will be the uncompromising Amak. He will be choosing the beer and send me his finding so that I might delight you with the happenings of the night and give you at the very least my pounder of the week. I have also been working on possible artists for singing the theme song I have a couple of hopefuls but I am just waiting on their auditions so that I can post them and allow you the reader to pick the winner. Sadly I have not heard back from Ellen, Maroon 5, Hanes or Miller on any of my questions. However, I was able to pick up two sweet Comfort soft t-shirts that I will be wearing the next two times to trivia. I will also be sporting a smoking jacket to complete the ans amble. I have also been looking at other blogs for ideas. I found this on one The Science of Beer & Biotech Vendor Showcase featuring Dr. Charles Bamforth and it went on to say that they saw this guy speak in Palo Alto and I was thinking how awesome was that. A doctor was speaking about beer in Schuylkill County and then I realized it was California they were talking about. I was so disappointed I cried for 3 1/2 hours but I'm good now. I might possibly have some people sending me some homemade brews for ratings. We will see how things develop. Hopefully with added people reading will come some additional ideas on expanding things. Oh yeah I almost forgot that I have been thinking about having some man can dancers so send any auditions tapes via link to YouTube to pounderoftheweek@gmail.com but wait until I get some possible theme song versions to dance to. Here at Pounder of the Week we are an equal opportunity blogger and to look at any submissions be it for our theme song singer/singers or dancers. Thank you for reading and as always drink responsibly.

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