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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My latest email to Hanes and some ideas for improvements

I messaged you last week and have read your response and I was hoping you might change your mind. Now that http://pounderoftheweek.blogspot.com/ is showing an increased following and is now being viewed internationally if there was any way that I could get a pair of free underwear. If not if you could just read the blog and pass it on to your fellow coworkers. Hope you enjoy.
I also got a link to a huge list of pounders from my fellow RZA teammate Dr. J. I started trying to think up some other ideas to improve on this whole endeavor and I was searching hanes' Facebook page and I found what I the name of the people they give free underwear to. Its called Hanes Comfort Crew and it is my mission to get them to make me a member. I will stop at nothing to make this happen. With the help of everyone who reads this blog I know that this dream will become a reality and hanes will have to bow to my demands for a free pair of underwear. Oh yeah and I also came up with a theme song or at least the lyrics to one.
I’m a man and I drink beer out of a can.
If its 24 or 16 its down my throat as I take my notes.
I wear hanes every day let me hear you say okay.
Trivias is my bag and my blog is no wrag
I’m the man can critic.
Granted its short but I hoping to have a band play it with a fair amount of instrumental accompaniment. Comment if you like these ideas or if you have any to add.

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