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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11/28/11 Guinness Draught

So I know its been a couple of days since I last wrote. I had another review to type out but I just can't seem to find where I put it. Well last night around 8:15 the RZA and the Man Can Critic made their normal showing at Dorko's in Mount Carmel for trivia. I made it in time to get a black bean burger and some fries which were excellent as usual. The RZA did not fair well at all this night. A huge bonus along with some costly mistakes landed us in last place to the happiness of the rest of the crowd. The night was not lost though the company was good and the beer excellent. It has been a long time since I last had a Guinness Draught and I thought it was harsh and thick but my memory did not serve me correctly. The head was small at about 1/2" and the fizzing sound when you open the can reminded me of the nitrogen capsule at the bottom. It had a foamy head that was light brown and dissipated slowly. The head lacing was excellent and the body clarity was dark with a black color. It had a wheat aroma and a coffee taste. The flavor was light and it was super smooth. The finish was short and my mouth felt watery. The tongue hit was towards the back and it had excellent body lacing. I was surprised that the size of the can was 14.9 oz but at $3.00 it was still a steal for a very excellent beer. I was also pleased to see nutritional information on the can a huge plus. Overall I would give this beer an A- for good flavor, something different and a superior amount of can information. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

According to Kelly Rippa on Live with Kelly Guinness also helps with the production of breast milk.

Nutritional information from can per 12 oz.
Calories 125
Carbs 9.9g
Protein .3g
Fat 0g

Food pairings from beer advocate
Cuisine (Barbecue, Latin American) General (Chocolate) Meat (Smoked Meat, Grilled Meat)

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