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Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/2/11 Saranac Vanilla Stout

Let me start out by saying this beer really surprised me. I came home from a long day at work and figured I hadn't drank in a while and I have been itching to try the vanilla stout in my fridge since Monday so I figured this would be a great night. I would have never guessed that a vanilla and chocolate beer that was as black as night would be this good. I was reading the pairing and it said good with chocolate so I got some of my candy leftovers from Dorko's and tried it and it is good with chocolate. This beer is another one of the beers of winter that I got from Pottsville Brewers' Outlet last week for $27.49 + tax. Dr. J has been sampling the other half of the sampler and got my excited about the ones I haven't tried. This beer was the coldest that I have had out of the sampler coming in at 37 degrees. The head was medium to dark and was above average at 3 inches. It had a slow dissipation on the foamy head with excellent head lacing. The body was as black as night and super dark. I mean this beer puts Guinness to shame. It has an espresso smell mixed with some vanilla. I really thought it was going to have a more bitter taste but it didn't. The flavor was moderate and not hugely overpowering. It has a long finish leaving my mouth watery. The body lacing is good to excellent and it hits your tongue in the front. I would have to say this is probably my favorite beer out of the variety pack so far. Mostly because it is so different and so unexpected. I mean I was totally thinking this was going to taste way different. Overall I have to give it an A- basically because I have to be blown away and I still think I can find better beers out there than this but this definitely ranks up there among my top beers that I have had the pleasure of ingesting. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly. Also remember your can opener because its not a twist off.

Information that I got from Saranac website.

Vanilla Stout

Availability: 12 Beers of Winter 2011

Brewers Notes:

Few ingredients rival vanilla's ability to add richness and roundness to food.  Blended with a traditional blend of caramel and chocolate malts plus roasted barley, the result in Saranac Vanilla Stout will surpass your expectations.  Enjoy the brew on it's own or with a bite of dark chocolate for a real treat.

Beer Style: Flavored Sweet Stout
Malt Selections: 2 Row, Chocolate Malt
Hop Selections: Willamette
Color: Black
Mouthfeel / Body: Full Body, Sweet
Food Companions: Dark Chocolate, Fruit Desserts
Alcohol By Volume: 4.8%
Original Gravity: 14


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