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Monday, November 7, 2011

11/6/11 Saranac Lake Effect Lager

So I'm on my fifth beer out of the 12 beers of winter by Saranac that I got from Brewers' Outlet in Pottsville, PA and it is proving to be a very good variety pack. Yesterday I had the Lake Effect Lager and paired it with my own version of Mexican goulash. Mexican goulash if you are from Schuylkill County was first introduced to me in my youth as a mix of ground beef and sauce with mac and cheese and mixed together. Where the name came from I have no idea. My dish was much more Mexican. I mixed red peppers, black beans, kidney beans, corn, sour cream, chili pepper, black bean salsa, Mexican cheese mix and some macaroni together. It paired nice with the Lake Effect Lager but no huge wow factor or the best I ever had but still tasty and worth trying. The beer was on the warmer side at a temperature of 46.2 degrees but still not to warm. It had an average head at 2" that was off-white, foamy and dissipated slowly with excellent head lacing . The carbonation was light and it had normal clarity with a ruby color close to that of Killians. The taste was similar to Yuengling Lager with a little more bite. It had a moderate flavor that hit my tongue in the middle and left my mouth feeling watery. The Lake Effect Lager had an average finish length and excellent body lacing. Overall I would rate it in the B range. It was good but as I drink more and more different beers I am constantly looking for something different. I would say that this is a drinkable that I would have again in a variety pack as meeting my needs for my meal but not something I would seek out. Thanks for reading and as always please drink responsibly. Also remember your can opener because its not a twist off.

Additional information is from Saranac website.

Lake Effect Lager

Availability: 12 Beers of Winter 2011

Brewers Notes:

Our Saranac Lake Effect Lager is a rich, malty, old school German lager, made with traditional German malts and hops and fermented with a lager yeast.  Look for a rich but smooth malty taste, balanced by an impressive Hallertau hopping-A nice reward for enduring our winter months.
Beer Style: German Style Lager Malt Selections: Pilsener, Kiln Coffee Malt Hop Selections: Perle, Hallertau Color: Deep Amber Mouthfeel / Body: Full Food Companions: Hearty, Spicy Food; Chili, Stews Alcohol By Volume: 5.95%  Original Gravity: 16.5 MEDIUM

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