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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10/31/11 Halloween Fun with the Bud Light Pounder

So I'm a little late getting this weeks Pounder of the Week out. It has been super hectic and trying to drink every night just isn't working out. I failed on my mission of completing my marathon of beer. Trivia at Dorko's Cafe was a blast this week. The Rza failed in their effort to win Halloween trivia. The Halloween knowledge of the others in attendance dwarfed our but I also attribute part of it to the lack of knowledge of our absent comrade. The catch up challenge was fantastic though. There is nothing like watching other bob for apples in ice water. The challenge was how fast you could get three apples out. The RZA pulled out a stunning performance in just a little over 10 seconds by Amak. But in the end we came up short when Tanny did it in under 7 seconds. The quote of the night though was by the first contestant who exclaimed after finishing "That's cold". So congrats to the winners and just remember the RZA will be back next week to reclaim their rightful title. The pounder I chose this week is the Bud Light pounder.  With an ABV of 4.2% Bud Light was one of the weaker beers that I have had yet. Bud Light is produced by Anheuser Busch and I had the 16oz. can version poured into a pilsner glass. The beer was ice cold at 32.5 degrees. The head was almost nonexistent at maybe 1" which was white and foamy and dissipated very quickly. There was virtually no head lacing and had a sparkling clarity. The carbonation was lively and the body color was a straw color. Bud light had what I would call a cereal/pine aroma if that is such a thing and a watery creamy taste. It had a very light flavor from start to finish and a short finish length. When drinking it hit the middle of the tongue and had no body lacing. Overall it was a easy drinking beer just not that memorable. It was priced right and was good with the french fries that I polished off in no time. Overall I would rate it at a B. As always thanks for reading and please drink responsibly.
Elvis won the costume contest.

Icy cold

The one side of the free cup we got.

The other side of the cup.

That's Cold.

William T. of the star ship Enterprise.

The winner Tanny.

Everything we finished.

The pumpkin that I won for knowing colleges that people go to if they get accepted.

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