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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11/7/11 The Coors Light Pounder

My wife had managed to get a $19 library fine so the RZA really needed a win in order to help me pay off my debt and with only three of us in attendance and a decent crowd things were very hopeful. The clock chimed roughly 8:15 PM at Dorko's Cafe in Mount Carmel and it was time for team trivia. I decided to hit up my last pounder Coors Light for $2. After having such a variety of beers over the past week or so I wasn't really looking forward to it. I had remembered Coors Light as being like water but I will say that it wasn't that horrible. I had my normal pounder in my pilsner glass and paired my beer with the forever changing style of french fries. The head was average at 2" with a white color and fizzy appearance that dissipated quickly. The head lacing was good and it had very little carbonation. The body clarity was sparkling and the color was straw. The flavor was very light with a barley taste. The finish length was short and it left a watery taste in my mouth. It hit the back of my mouth and had virtually no body lacing. Overall I would say it was a B beer. Back to trivia so we started of slow and took it to the house taking a lead in the last round. When Larry went to the back for grading we could smell a win in the air. He came back with the results and it was a tie. So I went up for the final question. When did Planet X have its name changed to Pluto? My guess was 1968 and my opponent guessed 1787. I ended up being closer and the RZA took home the trophy after a long drought. Thanks for reading and as always drink responsibly.

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