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Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Saramac India Copper Ale

So this is the last beer of the 12 Beers of Winter and this has been a great variety pack. Today I had the Saranac India Copper Ale with a black bean dish that I will post the recipe at the end. This was the coldest out of the 12 Beers of Winter I got from Brewers' Outlet in Pottsville that came in at 29 degrees. The head was large at 3 inches with a foamy off-white color that had excellent head lacing and had a head the didn't dissipate. T. The smell of this ale was of a citrus nature and had a moderate flavor. The finish length was average and my mouth had a watery feel and it hit my tongue just about the middle. The ale had excellent body lacing a moderately bitter taste that really enhanced the smokiness and citrus in the dish. Overall the beer was fairly decent and a decent alcohol content that I would rate as a B. Thanks for reading and please drink responsibly. Also remember your can opener because its not a twist off.

The recipe for the dish I had is:
4 small red peppers chopped
1 small orange pepper chopped
3 baby bells chopped
2 white mushrooms chopped
3 oz frozen corn
1 16oz can black beans rinsed
2 tblsps Tabasco chipoltle (although it will be spicy and if you want it less hot only do 1 tblspoon)

cook peppers and mushrooms with EVOO over medium heat for 2-4 minutes then add rest of ingredients and cook for another 7-9 minutes you will know its done when it starts drying up on the bottom.

This is how much head was left after I finished.
Information from Saranac website.

India Copper Ale

Availability: 12 Beers of Winter 2011
Brewers Notes:

Taking an India Ale to the next level, Saranac India Copper Ale has the malt backbone to carry the hoppiness you expect in an India Ale.  Carefully selected malts from North America and Europe are decoction mashed to highlight their character and the brew is complimented with generous amounts of citrusy Columbus, Cascade and Centennial hops.  Cheers!
Beer Style: Strong Brown Ale Malt Selections: Marris Otter, Crystal Hop Selections: Fuggles Color: Dark Brown Mouthfeel / Body: Full Food Companions: Hamburgers, Smoked Fish, Sausage Alcohol By Volume: 6.0%  Original Gravity: 14.5 MEDIUM

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